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Bravo Technology Inc.

A Women Minority Business providing ID Card Solutions

Sometimes owning your own ID Card System is not the most efficient or economic solution.  Sometimes you need back-up or extra support for a peak period.  That’s where BravoID Card Bureau comes to the rescue.

We provide the software, use our standard card designs or design your own, add an ID Photo and identification data, send it to BravoID by email or CD by snail-mail and we will print your cards for a cost effective per card fee.

You retain the data for safekeeping and future use, it’s quick, it’s efficient, it is very cost effective.

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Start-up kit—Easy step-by-step instruction, Customer Access Number, Software, Camera, Tripod, lanyards and 25 pre-paid ID cards for only $250.00



BravoID—Ask for Mary or Jean.


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