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Eltron P310i, P320i

Convenience, Reliability and Security. A Single Sided Color Card Printer Ideally Suited for Printing on Proximity Cards.

The Eltron P320i is an intelligent, robust, single sided plastic card printer with an LCD display and new printer security features designed for environments where user convenience and reliable operation are a must.

Eltron P320i Advantages

Security: Programmable pass code, hardware key lock, TrueSecure varnish image printing

Advanced Color Printing: Enhanced color processing firmware, new richer ribbon color formulation, optimized for printing on proximity cards for access control applications.

Operator Convenience: LCD display, viewing window, automatic driver configuration and ribbon low notification.

Reliable Operation: Full metal enclosure and field proven reliable P310 engine

Eltron Series: Intelligent Printing System

The P320i also features the benefits of enhanced Series functionality. Eltron Series printers are designed to make card printing a simple function for all users. The system features:

Advanced RFID Technology
Automatic Driver Configuration
Intelligent Color Optimization
Ribbon Image Counter & Ribbon
Low Notification
Enhanced Ribbon Formulation

Eltron P320i

Fast, Full-Color, High-Quality Plastic Card Printing Has Never Been More Affordable

The P310i is ideal for applications requiring production of full-color plastic cards. Printing personalized plastic cards has never been simpler, faster, or easier. Use P310 Card Printers to print:

Loyalty and membership cards
Employee and visitor badges
Student ID and access control cards

The P310i prints sharp, readable bar codes, ID photos, graphics and text, edge-to-edge, in seconds. That means you can issue personalized cards on the spot. Its space-saving, small footprint design is the perfect choice for desktop and countertop applications.

The P310i is truly user-friendly. Its easy-to-load, low maintenance design makes it simple for anyone to operate. Green, yellow and red LED indicators provide easy-to-understand printer status. Printer ribbon synchronization is automatic, eliminating the need for operator intervention. An easy to change, self-cleaning cartridge thoroughly removes dust before printing minimizing missing dots and color registration problems.

For high image quality, reliable operation, and easy to use card printing solutions, Eltron card printers from Zebra Technologies offer the industry's broadest product line of printers, options, accessories and supplies.

Eltron P320i