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Evolis Pebble, Tattoo

A fully colored printer

With its design, its new colors, its advanced technology, the New Pebble is the most ingenious card printer of its generation. Devised and designed to simplify printing on plastic cards, the New Pebble not only lets you print

photos, texts, logos, bar codes, signatures at high

speed, but also encode magnetic stripe cards, smart

cards and contact-less cards.


More simple

The New Pebble comes complete with its Windows™ drivers and the eMedia software and is as easy to use as an office printer. No particular technical or computer knowledge is required for installation: connect the cables, simply click to install the eMedia software and its driver, and without any other adjustments, you are now ready to print your cards in 16 million colors.


More innovative

Fitted with ingenious concepts such as its opening system facilitating rapid installation of consumables, its print head, which can be dismantled and reassembled in a few seconds without any tools or adjustment, its feeder with integrated weight and variable card thickness lever, the New Pebble is now setting the benchmark for plastic card printers.


More efficient than ever

Its modern curves hide an ultra-robust, high performance

product. With its thermal transfer and sublimation printing technologies and its unique cooling system, the New Pebble produces in a few seconds natural colors and images with an exceptional finish, directly onto plastic cards.

Evolis Pebble

Latest birth from the Evolis product range, the Tattoo printer is a mixture of technology and innovation. Hi-Tech Design, Compactness and ease of use, the Tattoo revolutionizes the world of monochrome printing on plastic cards. Within seconds, the Tattoo personalizes in monochrome your pre-printed or blank plastic cards (eight ribbon colors available). It prints your high

resolution texts, bar codes, graphics and logos.

Hi-Tech, yet economic

Its price positioning and its cost per printed card make the Tattoo the best quality / price ratio on the market of monochrome plastic card printers.

Compact, yet elegant

The Tattoo melts perfectly into your environment. It owes its extreme compactness to the “Lift Card” system which allows the passage of the card under the feeder. A completely new system, designed by the Evolis R&D department. Autonomous, it can also function without a computer, simply connected to a keyboard. Enter your data (name, number, bar code, encoding) and print your cards completely independently. This innovative design is ideal for point of sale and exhibition receptions.

Easy to use, yet powerful

Innovating, the Tattoo is equipped with an ingenious process of detachable card feeders. A technology allowing several series of cards to be prepared at the same time. A solution all the more revolutionary since an automatic gauge system analyses the thickness of the cards during each card feeder change. Completely enclosed, the card feeder is dust proof and thus guarantees an optimal card printing quality.

Evolis Tattoo