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Persona C25, PRO-LX


A high-performance, economical card printer for your growing needs

Let the dual-sided Persona C25 handle your next demanding print run. This robust, affordable printer gives you great-looking, high-resolution cards for a wide variety of personalized applications.

Fast, on-demand personalization

The Persona C25 features built-in RAM, so your system can process information while still printing cards. An easy-to-use software driver makes printing a snap, and the LCD display provides instant notification of status and diagnostics. Plus, an input capacity of up to 100 cards means you'll have longer, uninterrupted batch printing.


 Brilliant color through thick and thin

The Persona C25 utilizes an advanced dye-sublimation resin thermal transfer technology to create brilliant, full-color or single-color cards. With edge-to-edge, photo quality printing, it delivers professional looking cards in just 30 seconds

Smart and secure options

An ISO magnetic stripe module can be added for security and access functionality. Smart card encoding is available for multi-purpose uses including time and attendance, cafeteria, vending, restricted access, and much more.

Persona C25


Fargo's dual-sided Pro-LX can laminate both sides of a card, providing maximum durability and protection from abrasion, color fading, and dye-migration. Plus, Fargo's exclusive PolyGuard™ Overlaminate is up to 25 times more durable than standard protective overlays. When using PolyGuard with custom holographic images, you get the most secure, durable cards available.

Product highlights:

Ideal for continuous-print applicationsincludes sensors that can identify printing and encoding errors, automatically separate a faulty card into the Reject Card Hopper, and continue printing without interruption


High-quality printing will take you to the edge edge-to-edge printing mean no more large white borders


Fast printing and laminating process – When batch printing, the Pro-LX produces up to 120 single-sided, laminated cards per hour.


SmartGuard™ is the “key” to stopping counterfeit cards – control access to your Pro-LX by allowing only authorized persons with a custom access card, or “key,” to print cards.


SmartShield™ provides added security at an affordable cost – allows you to print custom transparent images onto cards, giving you additional, customized security.